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We are a multidisciplinary team made up of experts on Stem Cell Therapy with more than eight years of experience in Mexico.
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Our team guarantees a personal and comprehensive assessment of our patients under ethical and medical guidelines.
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Through our Information Center, our Bioethical and Medical Council, our alliances with Humanitarian/Pro-bono Foundations and our Network of Clinics, we grant access to safe and effective therapies to thousands of patients.
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We comply with all local and federal regulations and we are founding members of Mexico´s National Council for Regenerative Medicine.

Medical Council

Our teams of qualified professionals are regulated by strict medical and ethical guidelines governed by our Medical and Bioethical Counsel. The Activities of the Counsel are:

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    To be at the forefront through constant participation in medical and academic forums in Mexico and worldwide in addition to actively participating in several programs of clinical investigation.
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    Review, evaluation and support in the diagnosis and therapy of every patient.
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    In charged of having every process and making sure that all the facilities in BioCenter are of the highest standards and quality, in order to have all permissions and licenses required by the Sanitary Authority.
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    Our Medical Counsel is responsible for making sure that Human Rights are being enforced and to always manage the welfare and justice, taking into accounts the autonomy and dignity of every person.

BioCenter Medical Council

  • Dr.
    Gonzalo Jiménez Orcí
    Research and Cellular Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 2691813
  • Dr.
    Isaac Quiroz Domínguez
    Aesthetic Therapy and Cell Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 10388927
  • Dra.
    Gloria Noyola Guadarrama
    Aesthetic Therapy and Cell Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 9030879
  • Dr.
    Jorge Tagle Rodríguez
    Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 1671928
  • Dr.
    Armando Martínez Arriaga
    Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
    Ced.Prof. 2373618
  • Dra.
    Flor Sáenz Saldivar
    Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 4704557
  • Dr.
    Carlos Miramontes Muñoz
    Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
    Ced.Prof. 3680611
  • Dr.
    Marc Saadia Mizrahi
    Ced.Prof. 1051250
  • Dr.
    Luis Fernando Miramontes Muñoz
    Orthopedics and Trauma in Regenerative Medicine
    Ced.Prof. 6865088
  • Dr.
    Albano Flores Villareal
    Maxillofacial surgery
    Ced.Prof. 473086
  • Psic.
    Maria Eugenia Pastrana Herrera
    Regenerative medicine and neurosciences
    Ced.Prof. 2312710

Biocenter Process

We believe that new technologies should be accessible to everyone, this is why in addition to having the facilities and a vanguard medical team; we have a network of consultants and advisors who will be able to advise and guide everyone who is interested in knowing more about our services in BioCenter.

Throughout the whole process, BioCenter is committed with honesty, transparency and confidentiality in all of their services and processes.  

The BioCenter Process is easy and efficient:

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    BioCenter receives a call asking information about something in particular, a personalized advisor will be assigned who will guide their case.
  • 02
    Since each case is personalized we may require labs in order to know certain specifics.
  • 03
    After reviewing the patient’s file, he / she will have an appointment with the doctor to know more in depth about the case and talk about a personalized plan.
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